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Ways to Remind Yourself to Change the Air Filters


Changing your air filter is one of the simplest things you can do to maintain your heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, it’s also the one thing that many homeowners forget to do. Forgetting about this small yet important task can have a negative impact on your HVAC system’s performance and your home’s overall indoor air quality. If you find yourself forgetting to change your air filter time and again, you can use these tips to give yourself a reminder when the time comes:

Try an Air Filter Delivery Service
With air filter subscription delivery services, you won’t have to make repeated trips to the hardware store to purchase replacement filters and you’ll never need to keep track of when to replace your filters. There are several great companies out there that you can choose from, offering a variety of benefits. Some of the most popular services include Second Nature, Filters Delivered, and Simple Filter Plan. With most, you can choose your own shipping frequency and pick your initial start date. Because it can be difficult to remember exactly when to change your air filters, subscribing to a service can be worth the cost. Opting in to one of these services can prevent you from ever forgetting again, which is one less thing to keep on your to do list.

Your HVAC Provider Can Remind You
If remembering that it’s time for an air filter change, going out to pick up new filters, and replacing them around your house is just too much to deal with along with everything else you have to worry about: no problem! Give your HVAC provider a call and set up regular air filter changes that work for you. We can come out and take care of it on a schedule, and make your life easier in the process.

Use an App on Your Phone
Many filter manufacturers now offer smart apps for download. For example, Filtrete™ offers an iPhone and Android app that allow you to set up reminders for your entire home or business. The app allows you to set timers for multiple filters, and you can choose your preferred reminder timing for each. You will receive notifications on your smartphone once the filter timer is low or at zero to remind you to change. Some of the apps even allow you to track outdoor air quality, as well as receive helpful tips and alerts associated with your particular location.

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