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What Our Clients Say

Sonny J. Avatar

absolutely the best experience dealing with an HVAC company ever. five stars Speedy Electric. I called them for an emergency repair it turned out to be a $63 condenser they only charge me half price for the labor. I asked them to do a quote for a new install on a outbuilding that I was constructing. They came out two days later quoted me that within a week they were installing my new unit for new construction. timing was critical as I was late in the process to be installing HVAC. But they overcame all the office schools with no issue. pricing was competitive and incidentally it was also the lowest. The professionalism and craftsmanship of the installers was first class. They’re only response to all of my questions were yes,. Any issues that they had they resolve them prior to asking my opinion. Anytime there were questions that I didn’t know the answer to , they offered very helpful solutions and best practices for longevity for my system. Cannot recommend Speedy Electric enough. It’s family-owned and the installers and technicians are treated well & highly experienced.

Sonny J. 11/03/2021
Bob P. Avatar

The electrician and AC technicians were very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and genuinely cared about our issues.

Bob P. 11/02/2021
Gary L. Avatar

The crew arrived at our home little late. However, the two guys were professional, clearly knew what they were doing, and friendly. Would gladly use them again.

Gary L. 11/02/2021
Glenn B. Avatar

"[Service, Technician, Price, Timeliness] I had a super good experience with Rick from Speedy. Rick was friendly, professional, on time, very knowledgeable, and i really appreciate that Rick took the time to explain to me what he did, and answered any questions i had for him. I cannot say enough about what a great job he did for us...Rick is truly a credit to your company."

Glenn B. 10/25/2021
Craig T. Avatar

Techs were on time. They were polite and professional. They quickly diagnosed the problem with our AC system and resolved it. They thoroughly explained the issue and how they addressed it.

Craig T. 10/23/2021
Camilla H. Avatar

5 star rating I have used Speedy for 3 years ( they installed my new units). Never had an issue with them - exceptional service and professionalism. All technicians are very knowledgeable highly recommend them. The prices are very fair and always not up selling. No one else has ever touch my units and I have never had any issues.
Do not hesitate to use them or reach out to me directly for an unbiased opinion.

Camilla H. 10/22/2021
PeriSean H. Avatar

5 star rating Great service! Professional and friendly tech!

PeriSean H. 10/12/2021
Michael Scott M. Avatar

5 star rating Excellent, efficient work for a fair price. They show up when they say they will and do good, clean work.

Michael S. 10/06/2021
Ray H. Avatar

5 star rating Fast service done right the first time

Ray H. 10/02/2021
Tonia P. Avatar

5 star rating I was very happy with my service experience the guy explained everything to me and showed me what he was talking about. I didn't have to wait days to get my air conditioner checked and serviced I will use them again for sure

Tonia P. 9/29/2021
MaryBeth W. Avatar

5 star rating My A/c stopped cooling, Speedy was called by the Home Warranty co. They were on time, and fast finding the problem and fixing it. I would use them again.

MaryBeth W. 9/29/2021

5 star rating They are knowledgeable on their business I've used them and will definitely call on them again!

JEANNIE M. 9/26/2021
Jose D. Avatar

Rick came by this morning and quickly found the problem and fixed it. Fast and efficient.
I am happy with the service provided.

Jose D. 9/20/2021
Earlene Q. Avatar

5 star rating They identified and resolved the problem with our A/C in less than an hour. Courteous accurate service. Will use again.

Earlene Q. 9/20/2021
Ella L. Avatar

5 star rating I.call.in.concerimg my.aircondition.wouldn't come on the guy came in I told him.what.was happened he immediately. Knew what the problem was and it was he fix it and i.have not had no more problems

Ella L. 9/20/2021
Carla R. Avatar

5 star rating Ricki was great at finding out what the problem was when our A/C was continuously running, but not cooling. Logan came out later and fixed the A/C completely. We have had no problems since. Thank y'all so much!

Carla R. 9/13/2021
Steve M. Avatar

5 star rating We've used the team from Speedy twice. Both occasions they were on time, very knowledgeable and professional. We had two separate issues with our AC, and the results were great.

Steve M. 9/13/2021
Patti H. Avatar

5 star rating Speedy Ekectric and AC did a fantastic job. They are very quick, professional, efficient, and a five star compaby in every wayI highly recommend them!

Patti H. 9/12/2021
Johnathan L. Avatar

5 star rating My ac unit stopped blowing cold air four days prior. I called a random ac service and they came out. They told me it was something else and it would cost about 450.00. I told the ac service I had a warranty and he changed his tune. I offered to pay for him coming out but he said their system was down. My warranty company called speedy Electric and A/C. They arrived happy and eager to help. I told them what I thought it was and got on it. It turned out to be something else and it was fixed within five minutes. They event checked my coolant levels on both ac units. Just being curious I asked what the price would have been. They told me about a quarter of what the other place was trying to charge even tho they were trying to get me to buy another part. I would recommend Speedy Electric anytime.

Johnathan L. 9/07/2021
Richard M. Avatar

5 star rating I have worked with speedy electric and ac for several years . They do a fantastic job very responsive and communicate very well. I highly suggest them for your next project.


Richard M. 8/31/2021
Nancy J. Avatar

5 star rating Our AC stopped on Sunday. We called Speedy Electric on Monday morning and the repair was done that day. Wonderful service!

Nancy J. 8/27/2021
Jose L. Avatar

5 star rating They were on time and performed the repair and service the first time. Only once I had to do q second visit but that's because the part that was damaged had to be order. I would recommend their service as they have proven reliable and efficient.

Jose L. 8/21/2021
Chris W. Avatar

5 star rating They fixed my unit where others half fix it over the past years. They did incredible work.

Chris W. 8/17/2021
Valerie C. Avatar

5 star rating Gary showed up on time and fixed the issue pronto. Very professional and nice to boot.

Valerie C. 8/13/2021
Jeanna C. Avatar

5 star rating I have used Speedy Electric several times and they are the best! You always get a live person when you call to book an appointment and they are very helpful and patient as you go through the 100 items/broken/ not working list that you should have taken care of years ago.
The technician I use, Gary, is amazing! He can fix anything. Speedy provides Highland Park service at reasonable prices.

Jeanna C. 8/09/2021
Jon S. Avatar

5 star rating This company is amazing. Great quality work and great price. Have worked with them on multiple jobs and will continue working with them. If you want something done right and they do live up to their name...Speedy. Give them a call you will not be disappointed. They stand behind their work.

Jon S. 8/04/2021
Karen J. Avatar

5 star rating I love when my home warranty company send Speedy to my home. They are so professional, and they go over and beyond.

Karen J. 8/04/2021
OneGuard H. Avatar

5 star rating Speedy is a great company! Great service and quick response.

OneGuard H. 8/04/2021
Brian A. Avatar

5 star rating Logan and Ricky were amazing technicians who actually cared about doing the job right and cared about customer satisfaction. Loved working with them and would strongly recommend.

Brian A. 8/02/2021
La R. Avatar

They were able to get me in on the same day I called, he was done replacing 2 parts in under an hour! Completely pleased with my service

La R. 8/01/2021
Kelly C. Avatar

5 star rating Speedy called us quickly to schedule our AC problem. They came well within their window and now after by 20 minutes like a lot of companies. They assessed and solved the problem quickly and efficiently. The technician who arrived was knowledgeable, professional, courteous, proficient, and we would certainly recommend him and the company overall.

Kelly C. 7/29/2021
Richie S. Avatar

5 star rating Speedy has been out several times fixing misc A/C issues and they have been great! Very responsive and have always fixed what needed fixing.

Richie S. 7/28/2021
Connie V. Avatar

5 star rating We had a scare when the A/C unit stopped working on the first day of 100 degrees and on a Saturday. We were able to get a hold of someone on Saturday at 4:30 pm and scheduled service call for Sunday. The Tech came out by 10:40 Sunday morning - it was such an easy fix that he gave my husband the opportunity to save 100.00 and fix the issue himself. Done and service fee for the Sunday call was only 50.00.
Happy - happy customer.

Connie V. 7/27/2021
Charles C. Avatar

Called them out for electrical repair. Very happy with this company.

Charles C. 7/26/2021
Lenny K. Avatar

5 star rating Quick diagnosis and fix. Couldn't be happier with end result. Tech went above and beyond to get the job done. Much appreciated

Lenny K. 7/26/2021
Nancy C. Avatar

5 star rating Arrived on time, were courteous and answered all my questions. Very pleased with the service I received.

Nancy C. 7/22/2021
J C. Avatar

5 star rating The service is great service! I like it and recommend the provider to those who are looking for electric and AC services!

J C. 7/20/2021
Robert P. Avatar

5 star rating Sent by my Home Warranty company, they diagnosed the issue, ordered the parts and fixed the issue quickly. Have not had any issues since.

Robert P. 7/13/2021
Rose L. Avatar

5 star rating We like Speedy very well. We have used them for years.

Rose L. 7/10/2021
Beth S. Avatar

5 star rating They were sent by my home warranty company. They diagnosed and fixed the issue in 30 mins. It was great!

Beth S. 7/07/2021
Vincent W. Avatar

5 star rating Very professional and courteous. Fixed problem quickly. I would definitely use this company again.

Vincent W. 7/01/2021
Ramon A. Avatar

5 star rating I was so pleased with the fast response and quick service on the repair of my AC. The tech was able to identify the issue and resolve in a timely manner. I'm thankful that my AC is working, now that the temps are getting hotter. Great job!

Ramon A. 6/28/2021
Doug C. Avatar

Coolant was low in my AC. The technician topped it off quickly and checked temperature output from multiple vents to confirm. He also placed leak stop in the system and explained if there was still loss next time, his paper trail could justify a more in depth investigation.

Doug C. 6/27/2021
Reginald P. Avatar

5 star rating I have always believed that you really know how good a company is not when things go perfect but when there are issues.
We called Speedy when our upstairs A/C unit they were responsive, informative and helpful... We decided on a replacement unit and scheduled our install.
The Speedy team showed up on time and did the install and we were good to go... Or so we thought. Somehow there was a mix up and the wrong unit was installed. I immediately called them and the service manager was right on it.
He personally came to inspect everything and had techs back quickly to rectify the solution and now we are nice and chilled.
Even in the face of issues Speedy corrected everything and did everything possible as quickly as possible and made us fell secure in the operation of our AC equipment.
I Highly Recommend Speedy AC !!!!!

Reginald P. 6/22/2021
jackie h. Avatar

I have dealt with this company for a few years now and have always found them to be professional, trustworthy, and courteous. From the appointment through the finished work.

jackie h. 6/21/2021
Christi R. Avatar

5 star rating Showed up on time and completed complete AC replacement quickly and efficiently. Did have an issue with a leak but they returned promptly and fixed it.

Christi R. 6/16/2021
Melanie V. Avatar

5 star rating Speedy was definitely speedy when we needed them to get our older AC up and running again! No sales pressure, just got the job done for us! What a relief !

Melanie V. 6/16/2021
A S. Avatar

5 star rating Great customer service, job was completed before schedule and the entire staff is very professional. Very happy with there service and will definitely use them in the future for any of my ac and electrical needs.

A S. 6/14/2021
Trey M. Avatar

5 star rating I had a hard time finding a good honest company to fix my AC. I'm so glad I tried these guys because I feel confident they will always do an awesome job. I'm not afraid to recommend them to friends!

Trey M. 6/12/2021
Mary M. Avatar

5 star rating We were very pleased and our service tech was excellent.

Mary M. 6/03/2021
Rachel R. Avatar

5 star rating Showed up on time, were friendly and fixed the problem the first time! Having them out again for a second unit.

Rachel R. 5/26/2021
Natalia T. Avatar

5 star rating Fantastic work, I highly recommend this company!

Natalia T. 5/21/2021
L K. Avatar

5 star rating installed a new Air Conditiiner . Great service!

L K. 5/20/2021
Vanessa W. Avatar

5 star rating I've had nothing but good things to say about the service I receive the person that comes out and service my system neat presentable clean punctual knowledgeable what more could you ask for I'm very pleased with their service

Vanessa W. 5/19/2021
Tim D. Avatar

5 star rating Mike was very professional and thorough. We had a closet door with the light switch in the frame that comes on automatically when you open the door. It didn't work and this was our new house we purchased. He had to trace back to the breaker box and so forth.
I would use Speedy Electric any we have an electrical issue.

Tim D. 5/19/2021
Belinda A. Avatar

5 star rating Very professional, answered all our questions and made sure we knew exactly what they did. I appreciated the fact that they also cleaned up after themselves and showed up as scheduled.

Belinda A. 5/18/2021
Jeff C. Avatar

5 star rating Friendly and very professional

Jeff C. 5/13/2021
Billy C. Avatar

5 star rating Fast, friendly, courteous and professional also very competive on pricing. We only use Speedy A/C & Electric.

Billy C. 5/07/2021
Elwetta M. Avatar

5 star rating They came right on time. The work was done right and the price was a quoted.

Elwetta M. 5/05/2021
Amanda H. Avatar

5 star rating Speedy is great. I had On Time Experts out and they were clearly trying to extort money from me. A second opinion from Speedy resulted in quick results and a bill that made sense. They are amazing and I hope they'll come to my house now that my rental is sold.

Amanda H. 5/03/2021
Mike W. Avatar

My furnace was dead. Speedy tech 12 Logan arrived made a quick diagnosis. had to ordered a circuit board. tech offered a temp work around until the new circuit board came in. New board arrived within 3-4 days. 12 Logan returned installed the new board and had my unit working in no time. This guy was very knowledgeable and very professional. I highly recommend this company. Speedy Electric / AC is the REAL DEAL.

Mike W. 4/23/2021
Rachel F. Avatar

5 star rating We were scheduled with Speedy thru our home warranty. Generally, most of the companies are home warranty refers us too are awful, but Speedy was awesome! They fixed our tenants HVAC quick and we now know who to call if we need any HVAC help!

Rachel F. 4/09/2021
Michael S. Avatar

5 star rating Arrived on time, serviceman was prof and knowledgeable. Offered suggestions for additional service that was going to be needed in the near future. I've has several positive contacts with Speedy Electric.

Michael S. 4/05/2021
Chris B. Avatar

5 star rating The technician showed up earlier than expected with the window given to me and was done with the servicing within a half hour. My AC units are ready for the summer to come!

Chris B. 4/01/2021
Robin B. Avatar

5 star rating They were very professional, fast and pleasant to work with.

Robin B. 3/31/2021
Brittney S. Avatar

4 star rating Took longer than they originally said to arrive but once they did, the tech was mindful of social distancing and courteous. Got the work done and explained everything

Brittney S. 3/24/2021
Sharon F. Avatar

5 star rating We've used Speedy Electric and A/C for many, many years. They are always helpful and on time. They give me a written receipt that shows exactly what they did. I appreciate all their efforts to maintain my unit and keep it working in tip top shape. Thanks fellows!

Sharon F. 3/10/2021
Melanie S. Avatar

5 star rating Professional Company and honest.
I will only use them.

Melanie S. 3/03/2021
Mallary F. Avatar

5 star rating On time and courteous! I have used them multiple times and never been unhappy.

Mallary F. 2/27/2021
Clay B. Avatar

4 star rating Great team; not the cheapest but very good work.

Clay B. 2/20/2021
Marti M. Avatar

Our outside unit froze up during the recent deep freeze and Speedy Electric & A/C squeezed us in on the same day. Josh came out and had us up and running with 30 minutes. We are incredibly grateful for their quick response.

We have found our “Go To” electrician and A/C service company - Josh ROCKS!

Marti M. 2/18/2021
Tim L. Avatar

5 star rating These guys did a great job, they completely rewired to code my house and this old house gave them challenges them met . I will reuse them in the near future!

Tim L. 2/12/2021
Omar E. Avatar

"[Service, Technician, Timeliness, Warranty] He came in, knew exactly what he needed to do. I had heat within ten to fifteen min of arrival. He also took look at everything to ensure everything was working perfect.

Thank you,
Brian and Speedy Electric & AC for being fast and knowledgeable. "

Omar E. 2/11/2021
Phyllis N. Avatar

5 star rating Friendly and efficient. They were on time and did a great job. We would definitely use them again.

Phyllis N. 2/10/2021
Golden B. Avatar

5 star rating Always have a fast, friendly, efficient service with them.

Golden B. 2/06/2021
Karen S. Avatar

Technician was right on time, efficient & friendly. Checked out my unit & gave me a good to go. I have used them for several years & never had a problem...I recommend Speedy Electric!

Karen S. 2/04/2021
Brad M. Avatar

5 star rating Technician showed up on time and solved our issues within minutes. We have had no more issues with our heater since.

Brad M. 1/28/2021
Jose Q. Avatar

5 star rating I've had Speedy Electric repair my AC and heating a few times over the past couple of years and they have always done a great job, and have always been trustworthy and courteous. Highly recommended!

Jose Q. 1/24/2021
Monique T. Avatar

5 star rating Great company and great staff, they have done the job in a timely manner. I would hire them again if I need to.

Monique T. 1/20/2021
Don E. Avatar

5 star rating I've always had a good experience with Speedy Electric and AC. I request the same technician each time and he's adaptable to the unique electrical situations that our house poses. We've probably used them 15 times for improving lighting, creating new outdoor outlets, and running underground electrical lines to our remote gazebo.

Don E. 1/18/2021
Sacher D. Avatar

4 star rating Great customer service and operates with integrity.

Sacher D. 1/17/2021
Connie F. Avatar

5 star rating Great company, always dependable and knowledgeable. Fair pricing and we have never once felt like they were pressuring us to spend more or that they were inflating the amount of work needed. We have used them for everything from adding recessed lighting throughout to installing a ceiling fan. Highly recommend.

Connie F. 1/16/2021
Lynn N. Avatar

Our heater stopped working over the weekend, which was horrible timing because of the weather. I put in an order with my home warranty and was luckily paired up with Speedy Electric & A/C. They were able to come out the day of. Josh was on time and knew what he was doing. He was able to figure out the issue within minutes and knew how to resolve it. He fixed the issue super quick on the second visit! He left with a working heater and happy clients 🙂 !!! Thanks a bunch Josh, we extremely appreciate your service!

Lynn N. 1/14/2021
Mike M. Avatar

5 star rating Service Tech was very prompt, courteous and professional. He completed the service in a timely manner. Very thorough. Highly recommend Speedy Electric and A/C!!

Mike M. 1/08/2021
Karla S. Avatar

5 star rating Like employee that came out, was polite and fixed problem quickly. Have not had and more problems.

Karla S. 1/05/2021
Sam D. Avatar

5 star rating Thanks for the Excellent service

Sam D. 12/23/2020
Andrea B. Avatar

5 star rating I really appreciated the help I received very quickly from Speedy electric and AC.
I was able to get someone out quickly and the person who helped me was very nice and did a good job I would recommend them to others.

Andrea B. 12/23/2020
Shane H. Avatar

5 star rating Great service, fair pricing and great work. Definitely recommend using Speedy Electric for your next job.

Shane H. 12/22/2020
Lysa P. Avatar

5 star rating Great guys. Always courteous and on time!

Lysa P. 12/21/2020
Cindy L. Avatar

5 star rating We have used them many times and they are always on time, polite and professional. Highly recommended.

Cindy L. 12/06/2020
Cathy C. Avatar

5 star rating My kitchen light had been out for a while and they got my light fixed quickly and the repairman was very nice and he checked everything to make sure he had things repaired correctly.

Cathy C. 11/25/2020
Shawn C. Avatar

5 star rating Dustin was fantastic. Prompt, professional, effective, and helpful. Everything done at a reasonable price as well. Highly recommended.

Shawn C. 11/11/2020
Bobby M. Avatar

5 star rating Excellent quality in dustins wiring and he showed thoughtful process in meeting our needs. I would definitely recommend speedy electric for your needs

Bobby M. 11/10/2020
Joy H. Avatar

5 star rating They were quick to address the problem. Once they saw what was wrong, they were able to order the right part, and install it the next day. My A/C and heating system works fine now. I have no complaints.

Joy H. 11/09/2020
Jeanna C. Avatar

Speedy Electric is great! They are professional and responsive. I had two lights in my kitchen that didn't work, an outdoor light that another electric company had screwed up and a closet light fixture that was broken. Speedy Electric was on time and knew how to fix everything. They had to go get the parts and even with that, they were quick and reasonable. Gary was my technician that came and fixed everything. I will never use another company. Thank you Speedy for a great job. J. Camp

Jeanna C. 10/30/2020
Jeanna C. Avatar

5 star rating Speedy Electric was very professional and friendly. I had two kitchen lights that needed new ballasts, an outdoor light that another electrician had screwed up and a closet light that didn't work. Gary was on time and very knowledgeable. He had to go get the parts and even so, he was very quick to get it all fixed. I loved the fact that they didn't try to sell me anything else and above all, they were very reasonable. Thank you Speedy Electric for the great service.

J. Camp

Jeanna C. 10/30/2020
Paul T. Avatar

5 star rating Two full units installed in the same day. The team was timely and had great customer service. Love the upgrade to the new controllable thermostats from anywhere. Thanks Speedy for the upgrades!!

Paul T. 10/29/2020
L K. Avatar

4 star rating Very professional and friendly. Easy to communicate with them.

L K. 10/29/2020
Lindsay G. Avatar

Quick To schedule, very responsive- even through our home warranty. They had to come back out and tighten a screw a second time, they scheduled that follow up the same day and my air conditioner hasn’t run quieter since we moved in 6 months ago. I’d use again, even if it wasn’t covered by home warranty.

Lindsay G. 10/08/2020
Jerold S. Avatar

I've used Speedy Electric several times. They're always on time, friendly, and professional at a reasonable rate.

Jerold S. 10/05/2020

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