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We are your source for prompt, cost-effective electrical services, 24/7. From electrical service work to new construction, remodels and electrical wiring, we do it all, and we do it all extremely well. No matter the project, rest assured we will get it done with precision and efficiency. As a full-service electrical contractor, Speedy Electric and AC is able to offer residential and commercial electrical services which means we can tackle any project big or small. We take care of all of the permitting and inspection processes so you have one less thing to worry about.

We do electrical repairs, remodels and new installations for all types of locations including residential and commercial. Our electricians perform installations, emergency repairs and facility maintenance 24/7. Serving Midlothian, TX and surrounding areas, Speedy Electric & AC is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. Call us anytime to schedule your appointment with an electrician.

We strive for 110% excellence in all of our work. Speedy is always up front about what it will take and what it will cost to get you back up and running and are always willing to take the time to explain everything to the fullest extent. We are passionate about what we do day in and day out and build with integrity. Every electrical services project has its challenges and we are always eager to overcome them. We will work hard for you just as we would on our own homes and businesses. We look forward to working for you!

Electrical work is a delicate matter. If it is not done correctly, it can cause extensive problems, serious safety concerns, costly repairs, and much more. That is where we come in. Our electricians are fully insured and bonded for quality repairs.

Speedy Electric & AC services the entire Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex. Call us today to schedule an appointment! 972-775-6686

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Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are commonplace throughout the South, as our Summers are harsh and long. There are several advantages that having overhead fans throughout your home. The best reason to have a ceiling fan is to keep the room cool. If you use a fan in conjunction with an air conditioner, you could save money on your electric bill. Fans can reduce the temperature in a room by a substantial amount and they do not cost anywhere near what it costs to run an air conditioner.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades

As the usage of technology grows in our lives, we inevitably are causing more demand on our home’s electrical equipment. If you are adding equipment that trips your home’s breakers, it is probably a good time to consider upgrades to your electrical panel.

An increase to 150- or 200-amp service gives you room to grow. Hefty electrical equipment may need upgrades to your home’s breaker panel to support it. We can evaluate your home’s needs by checking the equipment and load on your current breakers and make suggestions and changes.  New appliances, televisions, HVAC systems, computers, and kitchen gadgets are all common causes of a tripped breaker. 

Electrical Wiring

Electrical Wiring

Speedy Electric & AC specializes in electrical contract work for home remodeling, adding fixtures and replacing wires. We offer specialized electrical wiring services to meet almost any wiring need. Our licensed electricians are ready to resolve any home electrical issue safely and quickly.


Modern home construction includes a large number of electrical components to provide us with the conveniences that we have become accustomed to. Every electrical component has electrical wiring that provides it with power. This web of electrical wiring is hidden within the walls of your home. Without proper installation and testing, you could be opening yourself up for a dangerous situation.

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