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Is Your AC Making Loud Noises?

Ac Making Loud Noises

Ac Making Loud Noises
Do you ever sit and wonder: is my noisy air conditioner about to break down?

A noisy air conditioner that’s always been loud might not necessarily have a problem. However, if you’re hearing an unusual air conditioner noise like banging, buzzing, whistling, screeching or rattling, it can be a symptom of a system that’s struggling and headed for a breakdown. The same is true for one that’s running constantly and running louder than usual.

When your AC is making loud noises, listening to the specific sound you’re hearing can provide a clue about what’s wrong with the equipment. Keep reading to learn the common causes of noises you might hear coming from your air conditioner. Having that information can help you decide if you need to call in the pros immediately, or if you might be able to wait until your next maintenance appointment. You might even be able to handle it yourself.

Whining or Whistling Noises

Is your air conditioner plagued by whistling and whining noises? These annoying sounds could signal airflow problems. If your HVAC unit parts have been replaced piecemeal over the years, you can end up with parts that don’t work well together. For example, the ductwork might be too small for the air blowing through the system, which could result in a whistling sound coming from your air conditioner vents. It’s also not unusual for ductwork to develop cracks and leaks over the years. Air can escape through these openings and produce a whistling sound.

Shaking and Rattling Noises

Rattling sounds typically come from loose air conditioner parts. Parts of the system that are subjected to a lot of movement, such as motors, can come loose. Ducts can also come loose. Your rattling air conditioner could also be the result of one or more of the screws in your AC panels shaking loose. In that case, a screwdriver is all it might take to silence the rattling. Your air conditioner unit itself might not be properly secured to its concrete footing if a mounting screw has come loose. Though weekend warriors may be tempted to try and stabilize your noisy air conditioner by yourself, it’s smarter to call in a trained HVAC professional to avoid the dangers of contact with hazardous chemicals and high voltage electricity.

Squeaking or Squealing Noises

If you’re hearing high-pitched noises coming from your air conditioner, have an HVAC professional look at your system’s compressor and fan motors. These types of air conditioner noise often are the result of un-lubricated bearings or slipped or damaged blower belts.

Loud Buzzing Noises

Most of the time, a buzzing sound comes from an electrical problem. If you are hearing a clicking sound, it could mean your systems relays or contractors are failing. Definitely call in a professional to fix this type of air conditioner noise problem.
Ready for some peace and quiet along with better comfort conditions? It’s time to schedule an inspection and maintenance visit from an expert HVAC company. Your air conditioner noise is more than just an annoyance. It could be costing you money in terms of operational inefficiency. And it could lead to an inconvenient and expensive system breakdown in the hottest part of the summer. Give us a call today!

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