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How to Prevent Electrical Fires

Electrical Fire

There are over 25,000 electrical fires reported every single year in the United States. The most common causes of these are the mishandling of electrical devices.
Here are a few tips to help minimize your risk at home:

Never overburden an outlet

We understand that these days, you have lots of appliances and electronic devices in your home. But circuits are only designed to handle so much, and they aren’t going to stop you from trying to plug one last thing into that outlet. An overburdened outlet can easily start a fire. If you need more electrical access, use safe surge protection devices, or simply get more outlets installed.

Pay attention to outlets near water sources 

Kitchens, utility rooms, and garages should be equipped with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlets that are safe to use around water sources.

Don’t leave electrical devices unattended

We’re not asking you to stand guard over your PC or television at all times, but it’s wise to never leave things like space heaters running when no one is in the room. And this goes double for appliances in the kitchen—the number one place home fires start.

Never leave flammables near cords, outlets, or heat sources

Be aware of where drapes or carpets might fall near your electrical devices. Electricity generates heat, and while in most cases the amount is mild, even a steady warmth can lead to ignited flammables if left alone for too long.

Get rid of under-performing appliances

Does your box fan spark every time you plug it in, or is your microwave tripping a breaker every time it runs? Get rid of that appliance! The risk just isn’t worth it.

Schedule routine electrical maintenance and safety inspections

There are tons of little things to keep up with in a home, and it’s unreasonable to expect you to know exactly how old your wiring, smoke alarms, appliances, and lights all are. That’s what professional inspections are for. Our experts have the tools and training to check all of your electrical systems in a matter of an hour or two, for unmeasurable peace of mind.
Give us a call at Speedy Electric and AC today for professional help preventing electrical fires!