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Benefits of Installing an Air Purifier

Indoor Air Purifier

Indoor Air Purifier

The air in your home likely isn’t as clean as you think. Most people are surprised to learn that the air in the average American home can be up to 10 times worse than the air outside. For those who are particularly sensitive to issues that can be caused by poor air quality, an air purifier may be the perfect solution they’ve been looking for.
Air purifiers come in many different forms. Some are free-standing and can be put in any room, while others can be implemented into your heating and cooling system to provide you with extra air cleaning capability for your entire home. This flexibility has encouraged many people to consider making the investment in purchasing and installing one. Should you be one of them? There are plenty of benefits to doing so, and on this blog, we’ll discuss a few of the biggest ones to show you what you could stand to gain from installing an air purifier.
Reduced Household Odors
You may not even realize it but there’s a good chance that odors have built up in your home over time. This is because you spend so much time in your home that your nose simply has become accustomed to the smell and you likely don’t even notice it. However, guests almost certainly will the moment they walk through the door.
Whether they’re odors from smoking, cooking, cleaning chemicals, or just daily life at home, an air purifier can help reduce them. Air purifiers help remove odor-causing bacteria or chemical particles from the air, resulting in cleaner, odor-free air that’s more inviting to anyone who visits.
Reduced Strain on Air Filters
Are you tired of having to change your air filter every month? Does it seem like your air filters are constantly working overtime to strain out your air and still don’t seem to be doing enough? An air purifier could be the solution you’re looking for. An air purifier removes much of the finer debris from the air that’s pulled through, keeping the debris out of your air filter and making the job easier. You’ll get more use out of each, which helps keep that maintenance cost down, and you’ll even enjoy better results with cleaner air. This even holds true if your home has a number of hazards which reduce air quality, such as pets or people who smoke indoors.
Keep Your Doors and Windows Shut
The energy for heating your home can get expensive, and that means you’re more than likely not going to want to let fresh air into your home when it’s only going to make your home cold. However, when you keep your home closed up tightly, you run the risk of your air quality quickly degrading. An air purifier helps with this immensely—by purifying the air in your home, you’ll keep more of the heat you need inside without having to suffer from poor air that can cause all sorts of problems in winter.
Better Quality of Life
An air purifier can tremendously improve your overall quality of life. Better air quality can reduce allergies and their symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, a scratchy throat, and so much more. For those who are particularly sensitive to allergies, or who suffer from asthma, having cleaner air that’s easier to breathe could radically improve your overall quality of life at home.
Likewise, if you’re sick of constantly cleaning your home, including dusting and vacuuming your carpet and furniture, an air purifier can reduce your need to do this. Rather than dusting every week or two, you may only have to dust once a month, or possibly even less. This is because an air purifier removes more of the dust particles from your air, preventing them from being cycled through your system and forced all over your home.
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