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What Can I Do to My HVAC System for Fall Maintenance?

Fall HVAC Tune-Up

Fall HVAC Tune-Up

In addition to cooler temperatures, the changing of seasons also presents the perfect opportunity for regular HVAC maintenance to prepare for the months ahead.

As with any other season, there are a few activities you can complete in the fall to ensure optimal performance of your HVAC system for the cooler months ahead. Check out these “Five C’s” of fall HVAC maintenance.

Clear debris

Many North Texas residents have heat pumps and air conditioners outside of their home, and fall is a great time to check for any kind of debris that has built up around the units during the summertime. By removing any leaves, grass, or trash from the vicinity of these outdoor units, you’ll help ensure that the components have ample airflow for peak performance when you need it most.

Check the thermostat

If you have a programmable thermostat, now is the perfect time to make the adjustments needed to ensure you stay comfortable as the outdoor temperatures begin to cool. This will keep your air conditioning or heat pump unit from working harder than it needs to and can also save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Don’t have a thermostat you can set and forget? Fall is a great time to upgrade to a high-quality programmable thermostat!

Clean your house

You may wonder what good housekeeping has to do with HVAC maintenance. While keeping your home free of dust and allergens is always important, fall is a wonderful time to perform a really deep clean of your home. Doing so will minimize the amount of dirt, dust, and debris that gets cycled through your HVAC system while your home is closed up during the winter.

Change the Filter

If it has been a few months since you changed your HVAC filter, the changing of the seasons is a good time to do it, especially if you have people with breathing conditions or allergies that live in your home. This is the easiest and best way to make sure your HVAC equipment functions properly and efficiently during the upcoming winter months.

Call your HVAC Pro

Finally, be sure to call your local HVAC maintenance professional for a fall maintenance appointment. Some HVAC systems, especially furnaces that are gas-powered) require the expertise of a highly trained technician for essential maintenance tasks. During a seasonal inspection, he or she will ensure that all of your HVAC equipment is clean and functioning properly.

Whether you need assistance with seasonal maintenance or equipment replacement, we’d love to help you out. Contact Speedy today to schedule an appointment!


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