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Do You Really Need to Get Your AC Serviced Every Year?


If you’ve been asking yourself, “How often should I service my air conditioner?” It’s probably time! Before summer hits and you’re melting in the scorching heat, make sure you get your AC serviced by a local HVAC professional. Don’t risk voiding your warranty or ending up with a big repair bill by trying to do it yourself. Instead, stay frosty all summer long by having your AC serviced annually.

So, exactly how often should you get your air conditioner serviced? Aim to have your AC serviced every year in early to mid-spring. Having your AC unit serviced before you need its cooling power is smart. If you wait until summer’s already here, you could find yourself sweltering uncomfortably while you wait for the HVAC technician to fix any issues they find.

If they must send off for new parts, you could be without your AC for days. So don’t take the risk of melting in the heat of mid-summer. Hire a local air conditioner pro before the hot weather arrives.

If you’re wondering whether it really matters how often you have your AC serviced, the answer is yes, it does. There are plenty of reasons to get your air conditioning serviced regularly, not the least of which is that it inevitably saves you money.

A good HVAC technician will spot the early warning signs of issues before they become significant problems, like a frayed wire that can lead to a broken-down compressor, dangerous electrical malfunction, and more. By having your AC system serviced often, the fixes are usually smaller and less expensive. If you don’t get the unit serviced, you may not know there’s an issue until it’s much bigger and more expensive to fix.

Plus, an unserviced AC loses 5% efficiency per year and uses more energy, which will cost you more in energy bills. This lack of routine maintenance also puts more strain on the system, reducing its lifespan by as much as 50%. And a new air conditioner can be costly.

However often you get your air conditioning unit serviced, the technician will perform the same set of tasks to make sure your system is in good repair.

These AC service tasks include: Replace the air filters, clean and inspect the indoor and outdoor coils, inspect the condensate pump, check the thermostat works properly, clean the condensate pump of dirt and debris, visually inspect the whole HVAC system, and clean away any dust, dirt, and debris from the system.

One way to potentially save money and keep your HVAC in peak condition is to get an annual HVAC service plan. If you’re outside of your warranty period, a service plan is a cost-effective option.

Just make sure you read the fine print and know whether you’re getting yearly or twice-yearly HVAC services, or whether the contract includes repairs and emergency call-outs. If repair is part of your plan, check whether parts or just labor is covered.

Here are some tasks that commonly make up an HVAC service plan: regular seasonal inspections and tune-ups, filter replacement, thermostat repairs, airway cleaning, insulation inspection and advice, lubricant and refrigerant checks, and air health and quality inspections.

Give us a call today at Speedy, and we will be happy to get your maintenance scheduled! Let’s get you on the road to year-round comfort.

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