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How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Depending on the Heater


Heating your home all winter long can add up fast. But it’s also a necessary part of surviving the through until Spring. So, to keep your heating bill in check while staying cozy and warm, try these clever ideas:

Close up any cracks in your window frames

Even a tiny one can allow a ton of heat to escape — and chilly winds to come in. We recommend using a flashlight or candle to check for drafts. At night, just have someone stand on the other side of your light source and if you can see it, you should caulk the area to seal the crack.

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan

If you think your ceiling fan is just for hot, humid days, you’re wrong. By reversing the motor in the winter, so it’s clockwise, the fan creates an updraft that actually pushes warm air near the ceiling back down. This trick will help you feel warmer for longer, meaning you can lower your thermostat and save money (some reports say you could reduce your bill by 10%!).

Invest in the best blankets

To stay toasty warm while you sleep while keeping your heat down to save money make sure your bedding is up to par. Down-filled blankets trap heat. We recommend a fill power of 600-plus (check the blanket’s label) for the warmest option. An electric blanket always does the trick, too – as long as you use it safely.

Make your curtains work harder

When the sun is out, keep your shades open so the warmth can shine onto the glass and create a slight warming effect on your home, but at night close them up to add extra insulation against the cold. You can also use blackout shades with a thermal lining to help save energy.

Use draft stoppers on your doors

Don’t let cold air creep through the crack under your door like a stranger in the night. All you need to seal off the chilly breeze is a door stopper. The best part? You can DIY your own that’s super cute and complements your home decor.

Cover your floors with rugs

Did you know heat can escape through floorboards? To prevent this, use rugs made of fabric that offers insulation, like wool, to help trap the heat inside. Plus, rugs feel nice and cozy on your feet.

Prevent drafts around electrical outlets

If you’ve ever noticed a slight chill when you go to plug in your smartphone, you’re not imagining it. To block that air out, pick up an outlet insulator from your local home improvement store. They’re basically foam sheets that you put behind the face plate to block any cold temperatures.

Close off rooms you don’t use often

If the only people who spend time in your guest bedroom are, well, guests, don’t spend money heating it all winter long — instead close the vents and door ASAP. Sure, that room might be freezing when not in use, but at least you’re not wasting money heating it.

Install a programmable thermostat

Most people think lowering your heat all the way when you’re not home, then raising it when you return will save energy, but the energy spent to make up for such drastic changes defeats the purpose of using the lower setting. But nifty programmable devices, like the Nest thermostat, help you heat your home more efficiently by lowering the temp just a few degrees when you’re not home.

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