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Are Home Generators Worth the Expense in Texas?


As we have all recently witnessed, hurricane activity and winter storms can wreak havoc on the Texas power grid, despite our best efforts. A home generator can alleviate concerns like these and allow homeowners to sit out a storm in relative comfort.

If you’re in the market for this emergency power source, we’re here to give you the scoop on home generators.

A major reason it is worth it to buy a home generator is to keep your refrigerator and freezer running smoothly to avoid food spoilage. Additionally, it is useful to power your office if you work from home and also to prevent the outage of any necessary medical devices. In subzero temperatures, electricity to keep your pipes warm enough to stay flowing may save you thousands in burst pipe cleanup (not to mention stress and property loss).

When you’re shopping for a home generator, consider the situations that you are buying it for. If you want preparedness for a hurricane, how many days would you expect the power to be out? What are the necessities you need power for and for how many days? Thinking about what is truly necessary and what can you do without will determine which type of home generator to get.

If you’re still wondering, “Why do I need a generator?” then here are 5 specific reasons to consider:

Powering Your Sump Pump

So why buy a generator? One reason is for your sump pump. Sump pumps work to help prevent flooding in your home. They gather excess water collecting into a sump pit. If water rises to a predetermined level, the sump pump automatically disposes of the water by transferring it out and into a local sewage drain. Without power, however, a dump pump isn’t able to work. A generator would help keep your sump pump running, even if bad storms and rain have caused an outage, thereby protecting your home from flooding.

Powering Your Home Business

Many people have some sort of home business that runs on wifi. If you’re in this group of people, then you probably shouldn’t be wondering, “Why do I need a generator” since your business needs one. A power outage throws an obvious wrench in the workings of such a business. A generator can keep your power steady so you don’t need to worry about hiccups in your business’s success.

Powering Electric Medical Devices

If you or anyone in your home relies on electric medical devices to survive or live comfortably, then a generator could very well be a necessity for you. Any type of medical device that requires electricity to operate is at risk in the case of a power outage. Having a generator, however, will keep these devices working smoothly regardless.

Powering Your Well Water

If your home’s water is supplied by well water, then you might already know that the water stops flowing when the power is out. It might even get brown and rusty. To make sure you always have running water that’s drinkable (and flushable!), try getting a generator.

Use for Camping and Boating Equipment

Why buy a generator if you don’t need it for your home? Because they’re incredibly useful in so many other scenarios. A generator can be the perfect solution if you have a boathouse, camper, or any other equipment you need power but don’t want to power all day, every day. With a generator, you can control when a machine or appliance gets power and when it doesn’t, meaning you could use it just for your camping trips and save power all other times.

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