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The Advantages of Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat
Programmable Thermostat
In the new Internet of Things, programmable thermostats and apps that go along with them have come a long way. You can keep track of your office or home from anywhere in the world with an internet connection these days. Want to save money while you’re out? Turn the temperature to an energy saving setting and then 30 minutes before you get back, turn it to the temperature you desire.

Hassle-Free Schedule-Based settings

You can set heating\cooling settings for different times of the day, and different days of the week. This lets you adjust your environment exactly as you want it and appliance integrated apps allow you to easily adjust and set the times.
Once you have a schedule set up, you don’t even have to touch the actual wall unit – and as a dad, you have total control at all times of the thermostat

Energy Savings = Lower Energy Bills

If your energy bills are creeping up on you, one of the best places to make changes that can affect the bill you pay is by restricting when and to what degree your HVAC system works atSetting these things to adjust automatically is far more likely than remembering to hit the thermostat unit before leaving for the officeIf you forget or need to adjust it for people coming home before you, just pull up an app on your phone and you can set it to whatever you likeThis allows you to easily affect your energy usage, which directly impacts your energy bills.

Temperature Zones

No more need to fight over the thermostat because different family members want to change their environmentModern programmable thermostat and HVAC systems can allow as many as 8 different climate control zonesMulti-level homes are ideal for these zoned systems and a programmable thermostat offers great control for this.

Learning and Smart Thermostat

Some of the newest models of programmable thermostats are not only Internet connected, but are able to learn the daily habits in your home and use this information to self-program a scheduleThis allows you the energy savings of a scheduled thermostat without having to sit down and crunch out or adjust exactly what that schedule isAs with all “smart” thermostats, they can be programmed remotely from your computer or smartphone.